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Rules about personal data protection on Best Real Estate website.

BEST REAL ESTATE D.O.O. BEOGRAD-VRAČAR, Patrijarha Varnave 20, 11000 Belgrade, registration number: 20552662, tax identification number: 106193133 (hereinafter: Operator) hereby obliges to guarantee the secrecy of personal data related to using our services and the secrecy of User communication in Best Real Estate service for real estate brokerage and/or Best Real Estate controlled Internet platform, which can be accessed on the web address https://bestrealestate.rs (hereinafter: Service) as stipulated by the legislation in force.

Operator shall not be held accountable for violation of privacy rights and User safety, executed by the third party online.
Operator will notify the competent authority about violation of privacy rights and User safety.

Operator shall process the necessary data voluntarily provided by persons who gave consent for data processing. The consent was given for a clearly defined purpose, in a legally permitted manner, so that the person to whom the data relates will not be identified or identifiable after the process is completed and in proportion with the purpose of processing.
The processed data have to be true and complete and to be based on a credible and non-obsolete source.

Before data collection, Operator will notify the person to whom the data relates, about the following:
  • The responsible party of data collection is - Operator – BEST REAL ESTATE D.O.O. BEOGRAD-VRAČAR, Patrijarha Varnave 20, 11000 Belgrade, registration number: 20552662, tax identification number: 106193133;
  • The purpose of data collection and data processing is enabling uninterrupted operation of the Service, Internet service User safety, and enabling real estate brokerage in accordance with the law, brokerage contracts execution, as well as promotional announcements;
  • The personal data is used to enable tenant and landlord identification, Users and/or buyers, in accordance with good business practice, keeping the trade secret and in accordance with the law;
  • Persons who use the data are the persons employed by the Operator and authorized to use the data, the Operator with whom the User enters the lease agreement (to the extent necessary for the realization of the lease agreement), and all national authorities in accordance with the law and/or court decisions exercise the right to use the data;
  • Sharing personal data is voluntary and everyone who does not want to be the User of Operator's Service is not obliged to share any data. However, sharing data is obligatory within the meaning of the Law on Contracts and Torts, Law on Real Estate Brokerage, Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, Law on E-commerce, and Law on Advertising, for the purpose of exercising the legal rights under these laws;
  • The person who gave consent for data collecting and data processing can withdraw their consent at any time and without any explanation. The legal consequence of the withdrawal entails termination of Service usage, maturity of all outstanding liabilities accumulated during the customer relationship, and termination of any further data collection and data processing referred to the person who withdrew the consent;
  • In the case of unauthorized data processing, all persons have the right to protection of personal data, and all other rights stipulated by the law;
Data collected for the mentioned purposes are: name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail, and IP address of every individual access to the Internet platform;

The data collected for the purpose of real estate brokerage, with the purpose of lease agreement within the meaning of Law on Real Estate Brokerage, Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism, as well as the fulfillment of the order of the Principal from the Brokerage Agreement for sale and lease of immovable property, contains the: first and last name, date and place of birth, place of residence, a photo of the ID card (both sides) or passport (page with personal information).

Operator shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of the data filled in or provided by other parties, as well as for the results of potential data processing, which concerned data provided in a previously described manner.

Operator respects the privacy of Service User. The Operator will not share registration data and other User information with third parties, unless for the purpose stipulated by the Rules above, or when explicitly stipulated by the law.

In accordance with the law, Operator can capture certain visitor data, provided during the Service use. Operator can use this data to get information that can help the Service improvement, particularly to improve Internet platform and its content and customize it for better User and visitor experience.

The user is obligated to ensure Internet safety, data integrity, and source access rights within his personal computer network.


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