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Best Real Estate Agency was established in 2009 with its headquarters in Belgrade. Drawing on years of experience in the real estate sector dating back to 2000, we have dedicated ourselves entirely to providing the market with our acquired knowledge, focusing on efficient property search, rental, and sales services.
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Best Real Estate
was founded in 2009 with headquarters in Belgrade. Leveraging years of experience in the real estate sector dating back to 2000, we have dedicated our acquired expertise to providing services to the market, focusing on efficient property search, rental and sales services.
Best Real Estate is involved in finding, renting, and selling apartments, houses, residential and commercial buildings, offices, shops, warehouses, and land. In addition to these activities, we offer consulting services, development, monitoring, and control of the buying, selling, and leasing processes, as well as exclusive representation of our clients. Within our operations, we also perform real estate valuation and property management. To successfully carry out our tasks and justify your trust, we have engaged teams of experts, including lawyers, appraisers, architects, and designers.


Our business method implies that every aspect of working with clients is thorough and professional. We strive to acquaint you with the world of real estate in the best possible way, which is why we confidently stand behind the name BEST.


Whether you doubt the competitiveness of the price, don't know the steps in the buying and selling process, are unfamiliar with the tax obligations of all participants in transactions, or don't know which steps to take before the cadastre, bank, notary public, finding a place you can call home or your business space requires much more than mere trust in assigning the task to an agent. It requires a company you trust to have a strategic approach to finding the right solutions. In a constantly changing world, the property you want to buy, rent, or sell must communicate with clients in the right way.
We achieve this through our licensed agents who are capable of translating the client's vision into a productive experience. Our agents apply an intelligent approach and establish long-term and quality relationships with clients. Best Real Estate agents strive for satisfaction through this process, not just a quick sale. In that sense, Best Real Estate follows and applies all modern technologies and tools to gain accurate illustrations of what clients are looking for or offering.


We consider it a great success to collaborate with reputable Companies, Embassies, and Diplomatic Missions, as well as with a large number of individuals who recognize our dedicated work and share the same vision and values. We are proud to have been engaged by representatives of the embassies of the United States, Iran, Germany, Italy, France, Iraq, Israel, India, and Australia, among others. We collaborate with members of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), UNOPS, the Goethe Institute in Belgrade, as well as representatives of the European Commission and the United Nations. We also collaborate with numerous diplomatic officials to find suitable accommodation and business premises. In our portfolio, Best Real Estate also records cooperation with banks looking for suitable spaces for their branches. Societe Generale Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, National Bank of Greece, Erste Bank, and NLB Bank are just some of the banks that have successfully collaborated with Best Real Estate. As for prominent companies, we have implemented the vision of several well-known companies from different economic spheres, including Holcim Serbia, Velux Serbia, Nestle Serbia, VIP, Mercedes, Azvirt, Affidea, Optimapharm, Rubau, Tetrapak, Loreal, Maersk, and others. We collaborate and have in our portfolio significant projects, among them the largest project in Southeast Europe, Belgrade Waterfront, as well as Lustica Bay in Montenegro, and no less important projects of the most luxurious properties developed by our long-term partners in the construction sector.

Best Real Estate - Best Clients!"

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