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Best Real Estate Agency was established in 2009 with its headquarters in Belgrade. Drawing on years of experience in the real estate sector dating back to 2000, we have dedicated ourselves entirely to providing the market with our acquired knowledge, focusing on efficient property search, rental, and sales services.

The Best Real Estate is engaged in finding, renting and selling apartments, houses, residential and commercial buildings, offices, shops, warehouses, and land. In addition to these activities, we provide consulting services, development, monitoring and control of the process of buying, selling and renting, as well as exclusive representation of our clients. Within the scope of our activities, we also perform property valuation and property management. In order to successfully accomplish our task and justify your trust, we have hired teams of experts including lawyers, appraisers, architects, and designers.


Our business method means that every aspect of working with clients is thorough and professional. We strive to get you to know the real estate world in the best possible way, and that is why we confidently stand behind the name BEST (the best).


Are you in doubt as to whether the price is competitive, what are the steps in buying and selling process, what are the tax obligations of all participants in transactions, or you do not know where to go and what steps to take before cadaster, bank, notary? Finding a place, you can call your home or business requires much more than simply delegating the task to a real estate agent. It is necessary for the company you have put your trust in and have given them the money, to take a strategic approach to find the right solutions. In the world that is constantly changing, the property that you want to buy, rent, or sell needs to communicate with customers the right way.

We achieve this through our licensed agents, who are able to transfer the vision of the client into a productive experience. Our agents apply an intelligent approach and consequently establish a long-term and quality relationship with clients. The Best Real Estate agents aim at providing you with pleasure through this process and not at getting an easy sale. In this regard, Best Real Estate monitors and implements all modern technologies and tools, to get accurate illustrations of what clients are looking for or offering.


We consider as our great success collaboration with renowned companies, Embassies and diplomatic missions, as well as a large number of private individuals who recognize our dedicated work and with whom we share the same vision and values. We can boast that we were hired by representatives of the embassies of the United States of America, Iran, Germany, Italy, France, Iraq, Israel, India, and Australia, among others. We work with members of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), UNOPS, the Goethe Institute Belgrade, as well as representatives of the European Commission and the United Nations. We are also cooperating with numerous diplomatic officials to find suitable housing and business premises. In our portfolio, Best Real Estate also records business with banks that needed adequate spaces for their branch offices. Societe Generale Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, National Bank of Greece, Erste Bank and NLB Bank are just some of those that have achieved successful cooperation with Best Real Estate. When it comes to prominent companies, we have implemented the vision of a number of well-known companies from different economic spheres, including Holcim Serbia, Velux Serbia, Nestle Serbia, VIP, Mercedes, Azvirt, Affidea, Optimapharm, Rubau, Tetrapak, Loreal, Maersk, and others. We cooperate and have in our portfolio significant projects, among which are the largest project in Southeast Europe, Belgrade Waterfront, then Lustica Bay in Montenegro, as well as no less important projects of the most luxurious real estate developed by our longtime partners in the field of construction. In addition to these activities, Best Real Estate has established a Joint Venture with companies from Dubai and Spain.

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